This program allows the management of Incoming Transactions and Outgoing Transactions and detailed analysis of the various types of data inserted according to regroupings.  Incoming Transactions Every Outgoing Transaction is archived by details of the transaction, due date, family member for reference, cost category, method of payment, service provider, sum and transfer description.  Analyse Totals regrouped according to various Categories Every Incoming Transaction is archived by details of the transaction, due date, family member for reference, income category, method of payment, source of income, sum, and description of the operation.
It is possible to plan all incoming or outgoing transactions by setting the due dates and marking the effected payments only when they are carried out.
  Periodical Transaction It is possible to automatically insert the transaction period monthly, bimonthly, etc... defining a temporary interval, the sum, the payment method and all the other attributes (useful for loans, mortgages, rent payments, wages, etc... ).  Import from Excell - Web Banking The transactions can be imported directly from Excel. For example, it is possible to directly import transactions from Web Banking for Current accounts, Debit accounts and Credit Card Accounts.
By downloading from Excel, you can import data from your on line statement, such as the sum and the description of the transaction. You can then complete the transaction assigning the appropriate strands of information, such as family member, cost category, service provider, etc...
 Business Intelligence Using a business intelligence module it is possible to calculate totals according to various regroupings with periodic analysis, annual, quarterly monthly and daily as well as cash-flow analysis.  Graphics The statistics can also be accompanied by graphics .  All Tables Completely Personalised All categories of analysis, people, service providers etc... can be completely personalised. All function data can be printed and exported to Excel.  Outgoing Transactions
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